Chesapeake Bay Garden Club
 Celebrating 65 Years in Reedville, Virginia

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Chair: Patsy Sylvia
2017 Club Awards
  1st Place - Helen Bell
  2nd Place - Lorraine VanWickler
  3rd Place - Sharon Stieber
Floral Design
  1st Place - Sharon Stieber
 2nd Place - Sharon Lemke
 3rd Place - Barbara Yinger
2017 VFGC Life Membership Award:
 Lorraine VanWickler
Frances C. Biddlecomb Spirit Award
An award presented annually in recognition of a club member's outstanding service. The award epitomizes Spirit, Grace, Beauty, and Wisdom that was exemplified by the life of past President Frances C. Biddlecomb.
Members who have received this award are: 
 1999 Jane Clark
2000  Patsy Sylvia
 2001  Barbara Shultz
 2002  Katherine Jones
 2003  Joan Clements
 2004 Wanda Boley
2005 Barbara Yinger

2006  Wonda Allain 
2007  Carolyn Ball
2008  Rebecca Elston
2009 Audrey Brainard
2010 Sandra Ehlert
2011 Liz Campbell
2012  Dody Douglas
2013  Sharon Lemke
2014  A.C. Davis
2015  Roz Messing
2016  Bobby Brogden
2017  Lorraine VanWickler
VFGC Life Membership Awards: Judy Abenes, Wonda Allain, Janie Atkinson, Sylvia Baldwin, Carolyn Ball, Judy Becker, Helen Bell, Wanda Boley, C. J. Bonds, Angie Brack, Audrey Brainard, Susan Brandli, Bobby Brogden, Pat Brownell, Liz Campbell, Ethel Carpou, Susan Christopher, Joan Clements, Carol Cole, A.C. Davis, Dody Douglas, Sandra Ehlert, Rebecca Elston, Ruth Franck, Lien Groenwold, Barbara Groff, Susan Haugan, Tisha Hauser, Carol Henderson, Susan Hughes,Thelma Jensen, Maryalyce Johnsen, Carolyn King, Ellie Knight, Ann Kyker, Sharon Lemke, Deloris Lewis, Carol Medlin, Susan E. Moore, Moira Nalls, Liz Mesec, Jane Peterson, Elaine Price, Marge Rankin, Susan Read, Jean Ryan, Sandy Saxer, Carolyn Shaw, David and Janet Shriver, Barbara Shultz, Charlotte Spears, Janet Steelman, Nancy Stogowski, Helen Swift, Patsy Sylvia, Nancy Thomas, Lucille Tutt, Lorraine Van Wickler, Nancy Wagner, Janet Westburg, Amy Wilson, Barbara Yinger, Patricia Mrzyglod, Veda Watts 
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District Awards earned by CBGC in 2017-18
[as pictured left to right]
Youth Environmental Education: Blue
Publicity Press Book: Blue, and Pink Rosette
Club Website: Blue
Flower Show Schedule: Blue Ribbon
Flower Show Book of Evidence: Blue, and Rose 
Youth Horticulture Education: Blue
Special Achievement: Blue, and White Rosette
Club Yearbook: Blue, and Orange Rosette

​SAR AWARDS (South Atlantic Region)
Club Yearbook: Blue

2017-18 District Awards
[as pictured left to right]
Youth Horticulture: Blue ribbon (Ready, Set, Grow!)
Club Yearbook: Blue ribbon and Orange Rosette 
Special Achievement: White ribbon (donation of floral arrangements for Reedville Fishermen’s museum fund-raising auction)
Club Website ( Blue ribbon 
Youth Environmental Education: Blue ribbon (Frightened Frog)
Historic Preservation: Red ribbon (care of gardens at the Tavern)
Flower Show Schedule: Blue ribbon (June 2017 Flower Show)
State and SAR 2017-18 Awards