Chesapeake Bay Garden Club
 Celebrating 60 Years in Reedville, Virginia

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Design Themes (refer to 2015-2016 club Yearbook for details)
Class I designs are listed below. Class II designs are any other design type described in the Handbook for Flower Shows

   September:   Backyard Beauty
   October:       Trick or Treat; a Stretch Design
   January:        'Bee' Transparent; a Transparent Design
   February:      Art of Spring; an Op Art Design
   March:         Shades of Green; a Monochromatic Design 
   April:     Everything but the Kitchen Sink; an Assemblage Design
   June:    Everything's Coming up Roses; a Traditional Design    
DESIGN SCALE OF POINTS for judging floral designs; page 303 in 'Handbook for Flower Shows' page 32-33 in CBGC 2012 Handbook. Or click here for Exhibit Rules and Scale of Points. 
Master Flower Show Judges: Rebecca Elston, Barbara Yinger
Accredited Flower Show Judges:  Dody Douglas, Carol Medlin, Liz Mesec, Lorraine Van Wickler
Student Judges: Sharon Lemke, Darlene Nelson, Carolyn King          
Flower Show School: Jerry Jenkins
Floral Exhibits
Chair: Kathie Truxall
Assistant: Dody Douglas
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Flower Show School -- Flower Show School is for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, as well as for garden club members and anyone interested in flower design. It is a series of four courses covering the principles of floral design and fundamentals of plant life. View National Garden Clubs' website and the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs' website for more information.
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October Floral Designs

Barbara Y. -- Blue Ribbon; Best in Show
Patsy S. -- Blue Ribbon
Kathie T. -- Blue Ribbon
Sharon S. -- Blue Ribbon
DodyD. -- Red Ribbon
Debbie G. -- Yellow Ribbon
Cheryl H. -- Yellow Ribbon
Dody D. -- Blue Ribbon for 'Any Other​'
Design Theme for October 27th General Meeting
'Trick or Treat' a Stretch design
(click to view Album)
Barbara's Design
Cheryl's Design
Debbie's Design
Dody's Design
Kathie's Design
Patsy's Design
Sharon's Design
Dody's "Any Other' Design; a Line Design
“Creative Containers” Workshop
11:30am, Thursday, Nov. 19th in Festival Halle, following the Practice Session for Making Wreaths & Trees (at 11:30 am). Learn about the vast variety of containers, their impact on your floral design and guidelines for selection and use of containers. This will be a fun, interactive workshop presented by the CBGC Floral Committee.