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Design Themes for 2017-2018
(coming soon!)
(refer to club Yearbook for details)
Class I designs are listed below. Class II designs are any other design type described in the Handbook for Flower Shows

September 26 -Theme: Thyme in the Kitchen
Class I – Table Centerpiece of fresh and/or dried plant material. Must contain an herb but also may contain vegetables.
October 24 - Theme: Three to Get Ready
Class I – “Parallel Design” – a creative design consisting of three or more groupings of plant material and optional components with a strong parallel placement in a single container and/or base.  
January 23 - Theme: Bird in Hand
Class I – “Still Life Design” – traditional or creative non-abstract grouping of functional and realistic objects and plant material with a theme.  
February 27 - Theme: Just For Me
Class I –“Functional Table”; Place Setting for One - staged on a placemat.  
March 27 - Theme: New Life
Class I – “Featured Plant Material Design” – a design with an emphasis on one plant species. Any part/s of the plant may be used;
April 24 - Theme: April Showers
Class I – “Cascade Design” emphasizing a strong downward rhythmic movement.  
June 26 - Theme: This Way & That Way
Class I – “Multi-rhythmic Design” – a creative design with emphasis on two or more rhythms with one dominating.  

DESIGN SCALE OF POINTS for judging floral designs; page 303 in 'Handbook for Flower Shows' page 32-33 in CBGC 2012 Handbook. Or click here for Exhibit Rules and Scale of Points. 
Master Flower Show Judges: 
Rebecca Elston, Barbara Yinger
Accredited Flower Show Judges:  Dody Douglas, Sharon Lemke, Carol Medlin, Darleen Nelson,  Lorraine Van Wickler
Student Judges: Carolyn King         
Floral Exhibits
Chairs: Sharon Stieber, Barbara Yinger
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Flower Show School -- Flower Show School is for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, as well as for garden club members and anyone interested in flower design. It is a series of four courses covering the principles of floral design and fundamentals of plant life. View National Garden Clubs' website for more information.
ASK JULIA! Julia Clevett answers questions about design that have been submitted in the quarterly PDFSJC newsletter. Read and learn!
APRIL 2017
AUGUST 2016  
Some beautiful arrangements were created at the Flower Design workshop recently held at Northumberland Library. Members brought their own containers, clippers, flowers and even weeds from their gardens to make their arrangements. Barbara Yinger, master accredited flower show judge, instructed the class. Sharon Lemke and Lorraine Van Wickler assisted with the instruction. The end result was that each member created a beautiful arrangement. It was a fun time for all.Click here view photos   

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September 26th General Meeting
Design theme: Thyme in the Kitchen
Class I – Table Centerpiece of fresh and/or dried plant material. Must contain an herb but also may contain vegetables. Design should not interfere with viewing or conversation across the table. Space on table approx. 18” round. No background, but underlay permitted. Choose your own type of design (designer’s choice). Not judged but may be critiqued.
Class II - Any other design type found in the Handbook for Flower Shows.