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Design Themes for 2017-2018
(coming soon!)

(refer to club Yearbook for details)
Class I designs are listed below. Class II designs are any other design type described in the Handbook for Flower Shows
DESIGN SCALE OF POINTS for judging floral designs; page 303 in 'Handbook for Flower Shows' page 32-33 in CBGC 2012 Handbook. Or click here for Exhibit Rules and Scale of Points. 
Master Flower Show Judges: 
Rebecca Elston, Barbara Yinger
Accredited Flower Show Judges:  Dody Douglas, Sharon Lemke, Carol Medlin, Darleen Nelson,  Lorraine Van Wickler
Student Judges: Carolyn King         
Floral Exhibits
Chair: Kathie Truxall
Assistant: Dody Douglas
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Flower Show School -- Flower Show School is for prospective flower show exhibitors and judges, as well as for garden club members and anyone interested in flower design. It is a series of four courses covering the principles of floral design and fundamentals of plant life. View National Garden Clubs' website for more information.

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May Floral Designs 
Click on a picture to begin slide show
ASK JULIA! Julia Clevett answers questions about design that have been submitted in the quarterly PDFSJC newsletter. Read and learn!
APRIL 2017
AUGUST 2016  
An Artistic Craft -- jewelry created with fresh and/or dried plant material 
May 23 General Meeting -- Design Awards
Helen: blue; Dody: blue and Best in Show
Jerry: blue; Kathie: blue; Lorraine: blue
Barbara: (any other) blue

Here are some Design Pics from the June Flower Show
Click on a picture to begin slide show. More pics can be viewed on Shutterfly. 
Flower Show School -- Course 1, Aug. 28-31
Learn about horticulture and basic Floral Design
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Read more: VFGC
A basic flower design workshop is scheduled at the Northumberland Library meeting room starting @ 9:30 am. Please reserve a space. No cost but you will need to bring some items. More info to come via email. Contact Barbara for specifics.