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 Celebrating 65 Years in Reedville, Virginia

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See 2017 Handbook for Flower Shows, pages 55-57 for more information; See pages 25-27 in CBGC 2018-2019 Yearbook
* Plant specimen should be correctly named, properly conditioned and well-groomed.
* Staging involves proper presentation of the specimen. Glass bottle must be clean, 
   transparent, and be in    proportion to the plant material. 
* No foliage below water level.
Chairs: Rebecca Elston, Jean Ryan, Nancy Stogowski
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Landscape Design
Chair: Debbie Gillispie
Gardens Maintained by CBGC:  

  American Legion Garden
Butterfly Garden at Northumberland Elementary 
Northumberland Library/Blue Star Memorial Garden 
Reedville Fishermen’s Museum Complex
The Jane Clark Memorial Garden at Festival Halle

Results for 10/23/2018 Meeting
Ann Haynie:  2 Blue, Best in Show
Helen Bell:  2 Blue, 2 Red, 2 Yellow
Bobby Brogden:  4 Blue
Rebecca Elston:  2 Blue, 2 Red
Margie Gano:  1 Blue
Sharon Lemke:  2 Blue, 1 Red
Sue Moore:  1 Blue
Sharon Steiber:  5 Blue
Blue Star Memorial at Northumberland Library honors America's Armed Forces
Read more about the National Garden Club's Blue Star Memorial project.
Interested in learning about landscaping? Attend Landscape Design School, whose purpose is to develop an appreciation of the environment.  
Join us for Landscape Design School
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Daffodils blooming in May at Northumberland High school Heathsville! These were all planted by CBGC club members! A project designed and orchestrated by club member, Joan Clements.
Summer blooms! This beautiful garden, dedicated to former club member, Jane Clark, is located on the side of Festivall Halle.
October  2018 Horticulture Exhibits
Piedmont District Flower Show - 10/08/2018
​Darleen Nelson:  Blue
Lorraine VanWickler:  Blue
Rebecca Elston:  Yellow
Sharon Lemke:  Honorable Mention

Volunteer Clerks:
Bobby Brogden, Rebecca Elston, Anne Haynie, Sharon Lemke, Darleen Nelson, Patsy Sylvia, Lorraine VanWickler​