Chesapeake Bay Garden Club
 Celebrating 65 Years in Reedville, Virginia

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Co-Chairs: Lorraine VanWickler and Carol Cole
With 62 members strong, the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club is an active and vital force in our community. Guests are invited to attend, and new members are always welcomed. The club membership consists of dues paying members who shall be regulated as prescribed by the Club's bylaws. New members are accepted after attending two general club meetings and on payment of dues. 
$40.00 a year 
$5.00 for spouse.
Dues are paid each May.
Members' Responsibilities.... 
  • Attend and participate regularly in CBGC general meetings.
  • Sharpen your skills of exhibiting by actively participating in Horticulture and/or Floral Exhibits.
  • Get to know your Yearbook; use it to plan upcoming floral designs and horticulture exhibits. 
  • Become a mentor to a visitor or new member, helping them become familiar with our club. 
  • Participate each year in the club's primary fundraiser, the Nancy Ficklin's Wreath and Tree Making. 
  • Help support Club Projects by working on them; make new friends and develop different interests.
  • Volunteer in hosting refreshments for a general club meeting at least once a year.
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JANUARY Birthdays
Sarita L - 01/05
Patricia M. - 01/05
Carol C. - 01/20
Cindy B. - 01/21
Liz M. - 01/21
Debbie B. - 01/23
Janet S. - 01/30

FEBRUARY Birthdays
Alice S. - 02/20
Darlene N. - 02/22
Sandra E. - 02/23

Happy Birthday to All!
Club Officers -- 2017-2019

President -  Helen Bell
1st Vice President - Darleen Nelson
2nd Vice Presidents - Sandra Ehlert
Recording Secretary - Kathie Truxall 
Assistant Recording Secretary - Tricia Mrzyglod
Corresponding Secretary - Dee McMurray
Treasurer - Debbie Boze
Assistant Treasurer - Linda Hixon

Chaplain - Cindy Boyce
Parliamentarian -  Kathie Truxall
Webmaster - Vicky Bowen
Welcome to New Members!

Officers for 2017-2019

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At 96 years old, Thelma Jensen has been in CBGC longer than any other member. 
                         She joined the club 40 
                         years ago, in 1977. Although 
                        Thelma’s health does not allow 
                         her to attend the monthly 
                         meetings, she remains a 
                         member and still has friends 
                         from the club. And she has many fond memories of the days when she was more actively involved. [Read more about Thelma Jensen]
Best wishes to Barbara Yinger as she and her husband move to Maryland! Barbara has been an active member of CBGC for 23 years! She has contributed much to the success of our club and she will be greatly  missed. [Read more about Barbara's years in CBGC]
                Best Wishes to Elaine Price as
                she and her husband, Tom,
                move closer to family and 
                friends in Oxford, PA. Elaine 
                has been an active CBGC 
                member since 1996. She co-chaired the Horticulture Committee for 4 years; she loved horticulture and everything about it. She says the best thing about being a club member has been the friendships she’s made over the years. [Read more] 
Joan Clements joined Chesapeake Bay Garden Club in 1996. For 22 years she was an active, vital member of our club.
                     Joan is currently residing at 
                     Commonwealth Assisted Living in
                     Kilmarnock, Virginia*. Her presence                        at CBGC,her smile, her poems, and
                     her beloved dog, Freckles (who was 
                     recently always by her side), is 
                     missed by everyone who knew her.
[Read more about Joan]