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 Celebrating 65 Years in Reedville, Virginia

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Ways and Means
co-chairs: Sharon Lemke, Elizabeth Cali
Visit the CBGC STORE at our next Meeting!  Purchase gloves, streak-less cloths, and oasis.
Streak-less cloths
Gardening gloves
                          OPPORTUNITY TICKETS (formerly 
                          50/50): Your GENEROUS donation of between
                          $1 and $5 ($5 being the best bargain because    
                          you get 6 tickets) helps defray the expense of setting up the chairs at our General Meetings. The remaining amount collected is awarded to the winner of the drawing! So look for the person with the basket of tickets and purchase yours each meeting. Everyone wins when you purchase OPPORTUNITY TICKETS at our General Meetings! 
          If you purchase bulbs from 
          Brent and Becky’s Bulbs (from 
          their catalog or on line),
          remember to ask that your 
          purchase be credited to Chesapeake Bay Garden Club. Every 6 months, Brent and Becky’s sends our club a check for 25% of the amount club members have spent. This is a simple way for our club to earn some ‘Bloomin Bucks’!
Our 2017 Wreath & Tree making was a fun day and we made over 100 wreaths!

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  Ways and Means


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Nancy Ficklin’s Christmas Wreaths and Trees
 2018 Order Form

All orders are prepaid and due by November 19, 2018!