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Apr 2022 - Ready, Set, Grow

20 April 2022

Chesapeake Bay Garden Club Enjoyed Visiting the First Graders at Northumberland Elementary

The Chesapeake Bay Garden Club was happy to be out in the community again. On April 12th, thirteen members and one prospective member traveled to Northumberland Elementary School to present the Ready, Set, Grow Program to all first grade classes. The program reinforces the school's plant lifecycle curriculum.

Members read books to the students that explained how a seed becomes a plant. They also came equipped with posters that explained the requirements for healthy plant growth. During the lesson, the students learned about some seeds they actually eat. Finally, students planted seeds.

Soon the seeds will geminate and a new plant will grow. Some of the plants will go home with the students, and other plants will be planted in the outside garden near the first grade classrooms. When the students return in the fall, a lovely garden will greet them.

Next fall, the garden club hopes to return and explore opening pumpkins, see how seeds will scatter, and review the cycle of seeds and plants again. It was a fun time for everyone.

Article written by Karen Luzuriaza. Photos by Vicky Bowen.


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