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CBGC and RFM Make a Difference

6 June 2019

In celebration of National Garden Week, the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club (CBGC) and Reedville Fishermen’s Museum (RFM) partnered together to clean up the gardens at the museum site and Festival Halle. National Garden Week is one of the many projects established by National Garden Clubs, Inc. June 2-8 was designated as National Garden Week.

Gardening can make a difference in the community where members work and live. Working together to clean-up and beautify areas of the community is one of the ways that gardeners can make a positive impact for everyone to enjoy.

Debbie Gillispie (CBGC Landscape Chair) and Lydia Hayne (RFM President) organized this event. Thirteen workers met on June 8th at 8:00 a.m. for this shared community project. Plants were donated as well as time. Weeding, planting, watering, and a lot of hard work helped to complete this project. Each person worked three hours each. The local gardens now look great and are ready for regular maintenance.

National Garden Week is a time to collaborate with many different groups to encourage pride in one’s community. Beautiful gardens help make us proud of where we live.

Photographs by Patsy Sylvia and Debbie Gillispie


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