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CBGC General Meeting - Feb 2020

1 March 2020

Pre-Meeting Luncheon

Lunch was served at 12:15 PM. Our chaplain, Cindy Boyce, led the group in devotional thoughts. Karen Luzuriaga served as head hostess supported by Sharon Stieber, Maryalyce Johnson, Susan Titus, Cincy Boyce, and Sue Moore.

Call to Order

President Kathy Truxall called the meeting to order after lunch. Our webmaster Vicky Bowen gave an informative tutorial on the use of our club’s website.

Old Business

The club meeting minutes and Treasurer's report for January 2020 were posted and can be found in the Members Area of the website. Corresponding Secretary Anne Haynie reported she sent a sympathy card to Wonda Allain and “thinking of you” cards to A.C. Davis and Carolyn King.

Committee Reports

Membership - Sandra Ehlert reported 33 members and 3 guests in attendance today along with 1 new member, Pam VanScoy. Two of the guests will be eligible to become members next month.

Library Display - Carol Cole announced that our garden club will present a photographic and featured hypertufa display at the Northumberland County Public Library in March. There will be a reception at the library hosted by us on Friday, March 20 from 5-7 p.m.

Birds, Butterflies, & Bees - Susan Brandli solicited volunteers to monitor the blue bird trails at Ace Hardware in Lottsburg and the Tavern in Heathsville. Susan also had info on making suet for birds. She said to be on the lookout for the venomous saddleback caterpillar when working in your yard.

Conservation / Recycling - Alice Stieve reported on ongoing efforts in the Northern Neck concerning recycling and anti-littering. She attended a called meeting of the Northumberland County Board of Supervisors concerning our proposal on litter control. A motion to start an Anti-litter Committee was passed during the meting. She will continue to follow up on the proposal.

Ways and Means - Jacqui Penney and Anne Crawley reminded members of products for sale in our store (i.e., gloves, wipes, wreaths, and oasis).

Floral Design - Darleen Nelson presented awards to six beautiful and creative designs. Five brought pot et fleur designs, "A Pretty Pot of Planted Posies." This is a Botanical Arts design, one that is not done often. Kudos to all who entered this category, particularly the two novices. One member brought an "other" design, a very original creative design that was featured in the Kaleidoscope portion of the Creative Flower Arrangers of the Americas (CFAA) meeting held in Orlando, Florida earlier in February. We are fortunate to have such brave and innovative artists in our midst.

Exhibitors and ribbons awarded were as follows:

Pot et Fleur Design

Linda Hixon Novice Red

Debbie Gwaltney Novice Red

Jerry Jenkins Advanced Red

Carol Cole Advanced Red

Rebecca Elston Advanced Red

Other Design Type

Sharon Stieber Advanced Blue/Best in Show

Next month's featured design will be an underwater design, (2017 HB p. 79), a creative design having some or all plant material and other optional components submerged in water. Plant material and components should be selected for their lasting quality. Frame of reference is 24" w x 30" deep. Staging panel & underlay required. As always, any other design featured in the handbook may also be exhibited.

Horticulture - Rebecca Elston presented a Blue and Best in Show to Anne Haynie for her beautiful moss.

Ribbons were awarded to --

Anne Haynie - 11 Blue, 3 Red, and Best in Show; Rebecca Elston - 4 Blue, 2 Red; Kathie Truxall - 2 Blue; Sue Moore - 1 Red; Patsy Sylvia - 1 Blue; Wonda Allain - 1 Blue; Debbie Gwaltney - 1 Blue, 1 Red.

President's Report

Kathie Truxall announced that the spring issue of the Piedmont District Newsletter, Footprints, is now available on the website.

A payment of $350 payable to CBGC is due by March 15 for those participating in the trip to Longwood Gardens in June. Spouses are welcome.

Club members creating an interpretive design for the Art & Bloom Show at the Rappahannock Art League (RAL) gallery in Kilmarnock may sign up and choose their artwork at the gallery any time after March 3rd. Be sure to speak with gallery personnel for details on show which will be held April 3rd and 4th.

Speaker: Debbie Gillispie, “Plant Without A Pot”

Our own CBGC club member, Debbie Gillispie, presented a hands-on workshop on Kokedama - the Japanese art of growing plants in a moss covered ball secured by twine or mono-filament fishing line. The resulting "plant without a pot" can be displayed on a decorative surface or suspended as a living piece of art. Due to time limitations, Debbie wisely simplified the workshop by using cocoliner instead of moss, so all members completed their very first "Kokodama", a variation of Kokedama!

Each member brought in a small plant of their choice and Debbie supplied all the materials. Creating the kokodama and learning how to wrap the twine takes some practice, but Debbie made sure that every member left with their very own creation. Look up Kokedama and Kokodama on the web for lots of ideas and instructions, and give it a try!

The meeting adjourned at 2:30 PM.

Article contributors include Sharon Lemke. Photos by Debbie Gwaltney.


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