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CBGC Seed Pick-up - Feb 2021

23 Feb 2021

Planting Seeds for a Spring Plant Sale

On February 23, 2021, the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club (CBGC) met informally at Festival Halle in Reedville to obtain materials to plant seeds for the upcoming plant sale and club fundraiser. CBGC will be selling the plants from these seeds plus plants from members' gardens on April 17, at the Heathsville Farmers Market.

A regular club meeting with a luncheon and a guest speaker was still not possible because of COVID-19 guidelines, but twenty-three members rose to the occasion to participate in the seed pick-up. Members randomly stopped by Festival Halle in Reedville for their planting materials and encouragement from experienced gardeners.

Rebecca Elston and Wonda Allain brought seeds, soil, and containers for members to take home and plant and stayed to answered any questions. The photo on the right shows Kathie Truxall, club president, holding bags of planting medium used in the seed tray on the lower left.

Members were provided detailed written instructions on how to germinate seeds indoors. Alice Stieve suggested a video link that does a good job covering how to care for seedlings (light, watering, fertilizing, airflow and hardening). YouTube offers a wealth of videos on how to plant seeds and grow a healthy crop.

Plant Sale Fundraiser at Heathsville Farmers Market

CBGC is looking forward to the plant sale at the Heathsville Farmers Market on April 17th. Members will be there selling plants from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. So mark your calendars, get outside and enjoy the Farmers Market. It will be a good time for the whole family.

Article and photos contributed by Karen Luzuriaga.


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