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FIrst Graders Ready-Set-Grow!!

17 April 2019

The Chesapeake Bay Garden Club visited the seventy-eight first graders at Northumberland Elementary School for the second time this school year. In the fall, club members presented "The Saved Seed" program which teaches first graders about seeds. Students dug out pumpkins and saved the seeds for spring. The spring program, Ready-Set-Grow, shows students how to plant seeds and identifies the elements that seeds need to grow. Students also learn that seeds are a food source for people and animals.

On April 17th, club members brought seeds and planting supplies to school for each student. After reviewing the parts of plants and what seeds need to grow, club members helped students plant pumpkin and various flower seeds in paper cups filled with soil. The cups were watered, covered with plastic wrap, and placed in a sunny window.

Just before school lets out for the summer, the first graders with the help of the club members will place their plants into a garden located by the first and second grade school entrance. During the summer, members from the garden club will weed and water the garden. When the first graders return as second graders, they will witness a beautiful garden of flowers and pumpkins that germinated from their seeds.

Linda Hixon organized this program and eighteen club members came out to assist in the five first grade classrooms. Everyone, both students and club members, had a fun time!

One of the objectives of the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club is to provide education about gardening to the community of the Northern Neck.

Photos by Roz Messing and Linda Hixon


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