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Seeds, Pumpkins and First Graders!

October 25, 2019

On October 25, 2019, eleven club members visited the five first grade classes at Northumberland Elementary School to teach students about the cycle of gathering seeds from fruit to grow more fruit. The program is based on the children's book The Saved Seed by Brenda Moore which is beautifully illustrated by Emily Lackey. The book demonstrates how a pumpkin in the fall of year produces more pumpkins through its seeds. When the seeds are scooped out, dried, and then planted in the spring, new pumpkins will grow on long vines to be enjoyed in the fall.

Members split up across the five classrooms. Each classroom had a copy of the book to read to the children. The children loved the book. While the children were at lunch, newspaper was placed on desks that were arranged in groups of four. Each group received a pumpkin with its top removed. The children got to put their hands into the pumpkins and pull out the seeds. The seeds were placed into plastic dishes.

The teachers kept some of the seeds, but Linda Hixon took most home to dry and be planted in the school garden in the spring. Hopefully, when the students return to school as second graders, they will see the pumpkins growing.

In the spring club members will return to present the Ready, Set, Grow! program to the first graders about seeds and how plants grow. The first graders will plant flower seeds in the garden along with the pumpkin seeds. During the summer, members from the garden club will water and weed the gardens for the students.

Everyone enjoyed working with the inquisitive and engaged students. A special thank you goes out to Linda Hixon for organizing this event.

Article written by Karen Luzuriaga. Photos contributed by several club members.


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