Floral Design Information

All members are encouraged to enter Horticulture and Floral Exhibits at general meetings. All exhibits must be ENTERED, REGISTERED, and IN PLACE by 11:00 AM. Exhibits not in place by 11:00 AM will be placed on the display table and will not be judged.
Design Themes for 2021-2022

Class I design themes are listed below. Class II designs are any other design type described in the "2017 Handbook for Flower Shows​."

September 28 - Theme: Little by Little

Class I - Petite Design - A creative line design of fresh and/or dried plant material, not to exceed the frame of reference, which is 8 inches in height, width, and depth.


October 26 - Theme: Celebrate Friendship / Celebrate Life

Class I - Exhibition Table to be created artistically to suggest the service of food, but not functional. Either fresh or dried plant material must be used.

January 25 - Theme: A Gift for a Friend

Class I - Artistic Craft - Decorate a package with fresh or dried plant material (no artificial plant material)

February 22 - Theme: A Family of Friends

Class I - Mono-Botanic Design - A design using multiple parts of the plant/s of one family or genus. Plants may be stems, blooms, roots, fruit, foliage, etc.

March 22 - Theme: Friends (like bats) by Day and Night

Class I - Duo Design - A Creative Design organized back-to back in one container, or containers joined together to appear as one container.

April 26 - Theme: A Landscape of Friendship

Class I - Tapestry Design - A creative solid-mass design with geometric closed silhouettes of dried or fresh plant material.

Exhibiting Floral Designs

  See the "2017 Handbook for Flower Shows," Chapter 7, Design, pages 63-83, for detailed information.

A summary of the yearbook information can be found at the following links: (or pages 21-24 of the "2021-2022 CBGC Yearbook")


Flower Show School

Flower Show School is for prospective flower exhibitors and judges, as well as for garden club members and anyone interested in flower design.​ It is a series of four courses covering the principles of floral design and fundamentals of plant life.

Find information about the latest course offerings in Virginia on the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs website.  See the National Garden Clubs' website for detailed information about the curriculum and out of state course schedules.