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Promoting Good Horticultural Practices in Our Landscapes

All members are encouraged to enter Horticulture and Floral Exhibits at general meetings. All exhibits muste be ENTERED, REGISTERED, and IN PLACE by 11:00 AM. Exhibits not in place by 11:00 AM will be placed on the display table and will not be judged.

Good practices are demonstrated through our​:

  • Landscape consultation in the community
  • Planning and caring for gardens in the Northern Neck
  • Recommending appropriate plant choices

Gardens maintained by CBGC include:

  • Reedville Fishermen's Museum Complex

  • Festival Halle, the activity center managed by the Greater Reedville Association

Exhibiting Horticulture Specimens

 Tips for exhibiting horticulture:

  • Plant specimen should be correctly named, properly conditioned and well groomed.

  • Staging involves proper presentation of the specimen. Glass bottle must be clean, transparent, and be in proportion to the plant material.

  • No foliage should be found below the water level.

See the "2017 Handbook for Flower Shows", Chapter 6, Horticulture, pages 49-61 for detailed information.

A summary of the yearbook information can be found on pages 25-27 of the "2022-2023 CBGC Yearbook.


Landscape Design School

Landscape Design School offers a series of four courses that provide an overview of the history of landscape design leading to introduction to modern landscape architecture, it practices, design techniques, and impact in private and public settings. Students will learn tools to improve their own gardens as well as gain awareness of the importance of well designed landscapes in the community.

Find information about the latest course offerings in Virginia on the Virginia Federation of Garden Clubs website.  See the National Garden Clubs' website for detailed information about the curriculum and out of state course schedules.

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