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Apr 2022 - CBGC General Meeting

5 May 2022

Opening Luncheon

The Chesapeake Bay Garden Club (CBGC) met at Festival Halle on April 26. The general meeting began with a spring luncheon of sandwiches, salads, and delicious desserts. The head hostess was Kathie Truxall with support from Debbie Tupper, Sue Moore, Mimi Stoner, Sandra Ehlert, and Cindy Ivester.


Sharon Lemke reported that we would like to clear out as many books as possible from the library cart during the meeting. The remaining books will be taken to Ye Olde Book Store in Heathsville or other thrift stores.

Debbie Boze, reported on our planned May field trip to Ditchley Cider Works on May 24 at 11:30 a.m. It will include a lunch and tour of the old house. An optional cider tasting will be available after the tour.

Old Business

Sharon Lemke reported that the Longwood Gardens trip was cancelled. We are working on a day trip to Maymont Park in Richmond for June 14th.

Carol Cole reported on the May 21st event at the Tavern during the Heathsville Farmers Market. The Flower Show is from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. and is a non-judged educational event showing designs and horticulture from members of our club. There will also be a Q & A table.

Commitee Reports

Civic Development/Youth Projects – Fifteen members participated in the "Ready, Set, Grow" program at Northumberland Elementary School, on April 12th. The children planted marigold and zinnia seeds in cups. Seedlings will be planted outside in May.


Anne Haynie presented award ribbons for 21 horticulture specimens submitted by 8 members:

  • Anne Haynie – 5 Blue, 5 Red

  • Anne Crawley – 1 Blue

  • Jacqui Penney – 2 Blue, 1 Red

  • Sharon Lemke – 1 Red

  • Sue Moore – 1 Yellow

  • Wonda Allain – 1 Blue and Tied for Best in Show

  • Carol Cole – 2 Blue and Tied for Best in Show

  • Debbie Tupper – 2 Blue

Floral Design

Kathie Truxall presented award ribbons for the Tapestry design exhibits themed "A Landscape of Friendship":

  • Carol Cole – Red

  • Kathie Truxall – Red

  • Jerry Jenkins – Red

  • Sharon Lemke – Blue and Best in Show

Carol Medlin was our Judge.

Program: "The History of Landscaping"

Anne Olsen, Master Gardener and art historian, presented the The History of Landscaping to club members. Anne worked for at National Gallery of Art for 20 years, moved to the Northern Neck over 30 years ago, and has traveled extensively visiting the various gardens of the world.

Anne's presentation provided members with a brief history of different garden styles from the Egyptians to present time. Gardens have always met the needs of the people. Egyptian gardens provided shade and a water source to provide relief from the heat. Medieval gardens were planted in raised beds with fences. Raised beds provided warmth and fences provided protection. Gardens provided food and pleasure during the medieval times. Life was easier during the Renaissance. Villas began terracing the gardens. Herbs were planted and plants were arranged by their genus and studied. Tulips became extremely popular. With the discovery of the New World, plants were brought back to Europe to be studied.

The English brought landscaping into the concept of gardens. As time progressed, the middle class began to use gardens for food and enjoyment. Practices have changed over time. Now, landscapers and gardeners are encouraged to use native plants and less mulch. Additionally, gardeners now consider providing a habitat and food source for the local wildlife. Fountains have remained one constant throughout history.

Upcoming Activities

On May 16th, on Senior Recognition Night at Northumberland High School, a $1,000.00 scholarship will be presented to a qualified senior pursuing higher education in a field related to horticulture, agriculture or the environment.

On May 19th, members will plant the seedlings the students started in April during the "Ready, Set, Grow" program.

CBGC will present "Spring Has Sprung" Flower Show at the Tavern Building on the 21st of May, at the Heathsville Farmers' Market. Educational exhibits, floral designs, and horticulture will be on display. Visitors will be able view the different floral designs, study the different varieties of plants grown in the Northern Neck, and ask questions.

On May 24th, members will visit Ditchley Cider Works to tour the old house enjoy a nice lunch.

Article contributed by Karen Luzuriaza and Tricia Mrzyglod. Photos by Debbie Gwaltney.


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