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For the Love of Roses

14 February 2019

A Garden Tip from Helen...

Now is the time to start treating your roses for Blackspot. This disease winters over under the rose's bark, so if you had it last year, you'll definitely have it again. I start with a spray consisting of 2 tbsp. Neem Oil with 3 drops of Dawn to a gallon of water. Two weeks later, I use 2 tbsp. of baking soda with 2 tbsp. of vegetable oil and 3 drops of Dawn to a gallon of water. Rose experts are now saying to add 1 tbsp. of distilled vinegar to this mixture. I have never done this and I have read that vinegar can decrease the fertility of the soil with prolonged use. So, you must decide what to do here.

There are also two new products on the market called Serenade and Plant Guardian that help with Black Spot. Personally, I'll stick with the tried and true. I have used the mixtures above for years and they work better than anything I have found on the market.

Happy Gardening,




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