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November 2020 Gardening Tips

12 November 2020

A Garden Tip from Helen...

Is it raining? Did it just finish raining? It does seem that we have received a lot this season. Plus, the warm weather has extended our growing season to the point where many of the plants are confused about which season is it! I have a columbine blooming and a spring clematis, shasta daisies and cone flowers all with substantial new growth. Hopefully, the trees will lose their leaves as soon as the winter winds permanently arrive for the season.

This is the only mum I know of that acts as a pollinator!

One benefit from this bonus growing season is spectacular lawn growth. If you sowed grass seed in October, you probably have a brand-new stand of grass. We cut down the size of the vegetable garden by half last month and now have more lovely grass to cut – this time supplemented with cilantro that has lived in the garden for years!!

Where there’s grass, there’s cilantro!

Another benefit this season has been an abundance of fruit, in my case, persimmons. This has got to be one of the most beautiful trees there is with lovely large, green, glossy leaves and a lovely shape. There are two kinds of persimmons, Fuyu and Hachiya. Fuyu is the type you want to grow because it is the easiest to eat. Hachiya persimmons are filled with tannins, so if you eat them when they are at all hard, you may be sorry. But, if you wait until they soften completely, you will have a delicious pudding-like fruit which can be used like a banana to make breads and cake. If you are curious about fruit trees and want to see a wide variety for yourself, make a day long excursion to a wonderful nursery located in the mountains of Afton, Virginia, called Edible Landscaping ( It is truly a great place and worth the drive!!

A gorgeous persimmon tree! Aren’t these leaves beautiful?!

Happy gardening!



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