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What is a "Hypertufa"??

12 November 2019

It was a beautiful, fall day when fifteen members of the garden club learned and made unique outdoor containers called "hypertufa." Wonda Allain opened up her house and yard on October 29th for this event. Under Wonda’s guidance, members created a mixture of cement, sand, peat moss, and water in a wheel barrow.

The mixture was applied over a form to create a planter. The planters had to remain at Wonda’s house to dry before they could be moved.

Finally, the planters were taken home to the members’ houses. The unique planters have to cure during the winter months. When spring arrives, members will have their own original planters to use for their favorite garden flowers.

Attending this event were Debbie Gillispie, Jerry Jenkins, Linda Hixon, Sharon Stieber, Wonda Allain, Alice Stieve, Debbie Gwaltney, Linda Hixon, Cindy Boyce, Carol Cole, Rebecca Elston, Darlene Nelson, Sharon Lemke, Sarita Lentz, and Tricia Mrzyglod.

The Chesapeake Bay Garden Club gives members a chance to learn new things and practice skills learned. And, let’s not forget the friendships that are made along the way.

Article written by Karen Luzuriaga. Photos taken by Debbie Gwaltney.



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