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May 2022 - Flower Show, "Spring Has Sprung"

30 May 2022

The Flower Show, "Spring Has Sprung," a the Heathsville Farmers’ Market on May 21st, was a great success. The theme for May was "flowers

" and the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club (CBGC) brought out the flowers! This particular show was not judged. It's purpose was to educate visitors to the Farmers’ Market on gardening.

The show was set up in the Manor Tavern Building. Displays of horticulture and floral design caught your eyes. The horticulture came from members’ gardens. Members of CBGC were onsite to answer questions about the plants and help people with their gardening needs. Beautiful floral arrangements displayed different design styles that lit up your imaginations. There were educational displays on bluebirds, lavender, terrariums, and how to prevent birds from hitting your windows. Large photographs of members’ gardens and CBGC’s events were on the walls. People enjoyed wandering around and gaining knowledge about the pleasure of gardening.

As always, Chesapeake Bay Garden Club thanks the community for their enthusisasm and participation in our show.


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