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"The Saved Seed" Delights First Graders

30 October 2018

On October 30th, the first graders at Northumberland Elementary School learned where seeds come from in a hands-on experience. Linda Hixon organized the program. Members from the Chesapeake Bay Garden Club visited the school carrying pumpkins and scoops. The program is based on the book, The Saved Seed by Brenda Moore, and illustrated by Emily Lackey. The book explained where seeds come from, and how the pumpkin seed will grow into a vine and new pumpkins for next Halloween.   

The students worked in small groups and scooped out the seeds from the pumpkins.  The seeds will be dried out and planted in the spring.  They will be planted in the school garden so the students can watch the seeds sprout into vines and then produce more pumpkins.

The club will visit in the spring again for the program, Ready-Set-Grow.  Members will explain the parts of the plants and how explain the different parts of a plant that are food to eat.  Flower seeds and pumpkins seeds will be planted.  As second graders they will have pumpkins for Halloween.


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